Hello prog-fans (and SAENS music fans of course !)

I was also brought to music as a fan (listening and then practicing keyboards...) around the age of fourteen when I discovered the last LP of my favorite band since "GENESIS" of which I still enjoy to play many songs (as "The Lamb...","firth of fifth',"Watcher of the sky" and so many other Masterpieces...).I also started playing and "torturing" dozens of synthesizers (Moog, Prophet...) and started to play in different prog bands like Dagon(1985), Legend(1 CD in 1990) and Dzeta (1 CD of french prog-rock in 96) and also (since 2002) the "new/old" mythic french band TAI-PHONG (4 albums) with his leader, co-founder, and main writer and composer Khan Mai (remember "Sister Jane", 75, the huge hit single...at least in France...)

And then I met Vynce Leff of SAENS in 2004 and we started talking about SENSITIVE TO LIGHT project and since then... I've been having a hard (but pleasant !) time,working and trying to get into the very rich, long and powerful compositions of Vynce where I could find again so many influences (prog,classical,rock...) that I love, but in a really new, original and personal style.

Well, now I hope we can meet you very soon at our future concerts !

JP Dupont





Jean-Philippe Dupont