From The Ancient World

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Track List :

1 - 1st mvt : Ephemeral Past 8'21
2 - 2nd mvt : Roots 7'17
3 - 3rd mvt : Legends And Fairytales 5'57
4 - 4th mvt : Ancient World 8'47
5 - Real World - 7'39
6 - Sleeping Volcano - 9'39
7 - November - 4'28
8 - 5th mvt : Epilogue - 7'26




Almost Human

Track List :

1 - Pinocchio : i. Dreams Are Coming True Tonight 1’53
2 - ii. Birth 11’59
3 - Something Happened In The Garden Of Eden 10’20
4 - Carpe Diem 6’04
5 - Kyrie (Gepetto’s death) 5’18
6 - Snow 6’11
7 - Travels 3’28
8 - Father (The Truth) 8’15
9 - Memories 2’13

Bonus Track :
Why ? 7’49


Almost Human...

... or the story of a grown-up Pinocchio, realising
how mortal he is, facing the eternal questions ...
Where do I come from ? Why was I born ?
Why do we have to die ?



Two words about the concept :

I have always been fascinated by the myth of Pinocchio. If you read Carlo Collodi between the lines, there is an incredibly rich ground for reflection about human nature. That's what guided my thoughts through the writing of this album. I started to think : What happened to Pinocchio after he earned the right to be a "real" human being - as well as the right to die in the end ? How could he have known that he had the choice between being human and immortality ? Shouldn't have the fairy tell him the truth ... and offer him a real choice ?

... and then I realised how Pinocchio's situation was an incredible allegory of the human condition... so all the songs of the album are constructed around these ideas - as well as the cover artwork, on which the only allusion to the puppet are the strings attached from Fate's hand to the mother and her belly.

The presence of Jenny as lead vocalist allowed me also to particularly focus on the relation between the fairy (the "universal mother") and Pinocchio (the "universal son"), and to express their emotions through the songs of the album. Moreover she wrote the incredible song "Carpe Diem" that sounds like a beautiful advice to her "impossible" son.

Vynce Leff


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Almost Human - 24 Apr. 2006

From The Ancient World - 31 Mar. 2008