12/03/06 The official release date of Almost Human is the 24th of April 2006.

And there are already some samples in the audio section ! More info about the album here.


25/01/06 Georgio Salvini is the new drummer of Sensitive To Light. He already re-recorded the drum parts of the album to come. The album will be released on the famous UK-based Cyclops label.
The official release date will soon be anounced.

Let's welcome our fantastic new drummer. Georgio is a very experienced italian drummer. He used to play as a professional musician in Italy in many styles ranging from progressive rock to jazz and latin grooves. He learned all Sensitive To Light music incredibly fast, especially considering the complex structures and time signatures we use. So we could make a recording session very quickly. It is now ready, just waiting for an official release date.

The album will be released on the Cyclops label, just like the previous Saens albums.

We hope to play our music on stage very soon now !

We will post more details about Georgio soon...

24/09/05 The recording sessions of our next album are now OVER !!!
We had the great pleasure of welcoming Cyrken to play some sax with us !!!


We have just finished the recording sessions of ALMOST HUMAN. It was a huge amount of work. Thank you Jenny, Claude, Jean-Philippe and Seb !

As a fantastic addition, we had the pleasure to welcome a GREAT saxophone player : Cyrken. Cyrken is a member of the metal-prog band HYSKAL. I met him on the PROGRESSIA forum, and we immediately felt that there was a very interesting collaboration was possible. The sessions with Cyrken were fantastic. He could add that "jazz" feel that I have always been fond of, but with a fresh attitude, due to his experience of the metal scene. Thank you Cyrken !

So, please be patient ! We are now working on the mix ! The album should be available soon !

02/07/05 The first recording sessions for the album "ALMOST HUMAN" have begun...
...which means that our first album is almost ready !

The title should be "ALMOST HUMAN".

There should be 8 tracks (approximative length) :

1 - Birth (12')
2 - Kyrie (6')
3 - Travels (4')
4 - Father (Blue Dreams) (8')
5 - Something Happened in Heaven (10')
6 - Snow (7')
7 - Almost Human (8')
8 - Carpe Diem (6')

I'll tell you more soon. Stay tuned !!!

Vynce Leff


16/05/05 The first concert of SENSITIVE TO LIGHT was held the 9th April 2005 in Paris at LE TRITON. It was a fantastic evening. You can find some photos directly on our homepage and on www.progpix.com. A first concert review can be found on Prog La Vie website (in french)

17/03/05 You will hear many extracts of Saens Music
and one extract of the demo for SENSITIVE TO LIGHT next album on Perrine FM (France)
More info here : www.rockenfolie.com (it's in French !)